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Nort1 posted:
I have Fibro.I have learned that Vitamin D(esp. Vitamin D3) is essential to take when there is an autoimmune disease diagnosed.Magnesium in pure form is a muscle relaxer.Of course Vitamin C is good for most everything.Remember that it does not build up in our body.What our body doesn't use goes out with the urine so massive amounts is not the thing to do unless you have a cold or flu the 1000mgs is good for a couple months.Then go back to a lesser amount daily.Cymbalta and Lyrica has been the best for me as far as prescriptions go.When I first got Fibro I slept all the time but decided after many years that I wasn't living and this seemingly death sentence was not for me,I refuse to just lay here in pain.Cymbalta got me out of the depression which I did not realize I was so far into and got me up.I got off all the drugs I was given that made me sleep.Sorry Doc.Hold your head up and refuse the pain.You will find more info as you go.I won't say,"Good luck".I think luck is dead.But I will say this,"CHARGE! DIG YOUR NAILS IN!" BIG HUG!
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flip12flop responded:
I have also found how helpful taking Vitamin D3 supplements really is! It helps me with my depression, seasonal affective disorder, and my fibro. I take 2,000mg/daily in addition to my multivitamin and Calcium with Vitamin D3. Magnesium is part of my multivitamin as well as the Calcium I take which helps me also. I just wish my new primary, who is an excellent, caring doctor, would take my fibromyalgia seriously. It seems he does not "believe" in it and I do have a rheumatologist but I don't care for his office manager who makes visiting the doctor a somewhat negative experience.
TheLordIsPowerfull responded:
you take Cymbalta and Lyrica and Vitamin D3 so which one works I am not a big fan of Meds, I perfer taking Vitamins. I don't know if you agree but meds they work for some time then your body just gets use to it I might be wrong but so you think Vitamin D3 works maybe that's what I should try how do you take it.

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