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fibro and restless leg ??
CDDHJSB posted:
I had heard warm showers and saunas and all that does not help fibro?? I have MS, Fibro, Restless legs, Chronic Daily Headaches or CDH. The winter is the worst for me. My question is does anyone take anything natural besides Vit. D and Magnesium for the Fibro and Restless legs?
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calicogirl63 responded:
Hi! I have the restless legs along with fibro, polymyalgia rheumatica, diabetes, and headaches, not daily. My doctor added Requip to help with the RLS, which has helped tremendously! I used to practically run a race every night, squirming and kicking! Things are way better now!

I take really warm showers for fibro pain. Also, my heating pad is my best friend! Something I have just started is lidocaine ointment for the worst pain areas---hips, lower back. My insurance won't pay for the gel patches, but it does pay for the ointment. I make a bandage with a Curad non-stick pad and cloth tape. It is amazing how it deadens the area for hours of pain relief!

I hope you get some relief!

pala09 responded:
I believed so. I had tried a lot of treatment but hot sauna or a hot bath works well with me. I stay for 15 minutes in the tub and then I wrap myself with a robe and I let my perspirations comes, wipe, then I apply lotion and put on my clothes. This procedures gives me a good night sleep most of the time if not always. this is very good especially this winter.
Pixe5 responded:

I just ordered online a product called FibroCare. It's all natural. Anyway, when I try it, I'll let you know how it works.

I do take melatonin and GABA for sleep.

As for restless legs, I have that as a side effect of one of my meds. I'm on cogentin for that. I've heard that potassium can help, but I haven't tried it.

Good Luck,

Pixe5 replied to Pixe5's response:
I forgot to mention that Source Naturals brand of melatonin and GABA are the best I've found. The pills disolve under the tongue and go directly to the blood stream via the blood vessels in the mouth.
JCurnow responded:
I heard Aloe from an old Korean lady that has fibro, but now does more then every before.

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