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Temp relief for head and neck pain
shannlee0379 posted:
I thought I'd see if this helps for anyone else.

When I take my pain meds I have a hard time relaxing until they kick in. While I know cold makes somethings about FM worse, this one helps for a shorts time.
I used to drink large slushies, but there is so much sugar in them and ice cream that the sugar and cold counteracted eachother. Recently I have found Italian Ice I didn't think they still made it, but they do. Anyway, I get the push-up Italian Ice pops, and if eaten at a slow pace, it generally subsides the pain until the meds kick in. I get a case of 24 at BJ's and they are fat free, cholesterol free, and dairy free...

Thats what I ahve to share for now... Hope it helps someone.

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Mckm2 responded:
For head and neck pain to help you to relax you can by Peppermint oil. (Japanese Peppermint Oil) It is very strong. It has a powerful aroma. You put just a few drops on your forehead and it will light up with warmth. The smell is refreshing and helps me with nausea also sometimes related to headaches. It helps increase my breathing more deeply and relaxes my muscles. It lasts for about fifteen minutes and you can put on more if you want. I use this when I feel a migrane coming on. You can find it in most health stores that carry a line of aromatic oils or order it on line.

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