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Fibromyalgia tips: these are things that have helped me to cope with my fibro symptoms:1) Trazadone for sleep-this medication made a significant reduction in my foot pain.
JujeeBee posted:
And I had told my diagnosing reumotologist that I thought I slept ok, but she suggested to try the trazadone, and it did make a difference. Melatonin did not work for me, and gave me really wierd sensory feelings-I did not like it at all.
2)Sleep on a natural latex foam mattress-pricey-yes, but oh so worth it.
3) Sleep on a low intensity heating pad-not the typical kind you buy at walmart-they get too hot. I got mine
In the winter I place it lower in the bed by my feet, and summer-under my back after gardening. They come in a wide variety of sizes, from small pads to whole bed size. This company gives great service also-after having mine for several years of daily use, something was wrong with the controls-I mailed it back and they serviced it at NO CHARGE! How can you beat that? Another place to order from also is
4) Set a timer to avoid over working when doing cleaning and gardening. I force myself to stop before it hurts, otherwise I end up in bed for days with an aching back.
5) Start gardening tasks 45-60 minutes before sunset-that way if I ignore the timer, I have to stop b/c it's dark out!
6) Low back support pillow for traveling: Fill the main compartment of a lightweight fanny-pack with bubble wrap, fill small side pockets with keys, cash, cards, meds. etc..
7) Most comfortable shoes: Easy Spirit Traveltime slip-ons-I love these shoes.
Most comfortable sandals: Clarks Lucena's-pricey but duarable and heavenly soft
9) Best spirit boosters,(besides family and friends); my three cats.
10) Forgive yourself for all that you cannot do. I am still working on this one!
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