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try this to help relax your mind and your muscles
mawillis58 posted:
i was just reading some of your funny "fibro moments". here's one of mine, i just recently remembered something i used to do when i was a young mother to help cope with stress and pain.
1) choose a word or phrase that you can associate with relaxing
2) picture yourself in a relaxing place ( i know this might require a big imagination lol )
3) lie down, close your eyes, take a few slow, deep breaths and slowly repeat your word or phrase over and over while you push your pain and tension out of your body from the part in your hair down through your body and out the tips of your toes. kinda like pouring warm water over yourself from the inside out.

talk about a fibro moment - this one lasted for years!! but, this really does help me (when i can remember to do it!) good luck and GOD BLESS YOU ALL
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An_198663 responded:
Sounds like Cognitive Behavioral Thearpy to me, unfortunatley my mind does not stay still long enough for that...

Now for others it might just do the trick.
annette030 replied to An_198663's response:
I am a CBT proponent, it cured my depression when I had to stop working due to FMS symptoms worsening.

Her description may be one component of CBT, but there are others too.

My mind tends to race, especially at night when I want to sleep, and even worse when my son was deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. I used another trick to slow my brain down so I could sleep better. I would recite in my head all the old poems and prayers, etc. that I was forced to memorize as a child. Our Father in Heaven, the 23rd psalm, Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed, Hiawatha, Evangeline, etc. This shut out the intrusive meanderings of my brain. I took just enough concentration to keep me busy, and offered just enough meditative leaning to help me go to sleep.

CBT takes a lot of work, it does not come easily to anyone. But I would rather be happy with CBT than unhappy without it.

Take care, Annette
xperky responded:
Mmmmm, sounds so nice O:-)

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