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Keeping carbs under control
CareerCatapult posted:
Although diagnosed about 7 years ago, I realize I have had symptoms for as long as I can remember. Walking too far has always taken its toll. When I went further than I could (now I need a cane) I'd be out of breath (relating it to my asthma) and in pain (related it to my arthritis). Now all of my muscles are so weak I can hardly use them (even chewing becomes tiring).

The only thing so far that has helped is keeping a tight handle on my carb intake. Now I am also diabetic, so don't know if it is related or not, but my doctor tells me diabetes doesn't cause pain, so I gather it's the FM. BUT the closer my glucose is to normal, the less pain I have. However, my pain isn't sporatic; it is 24/7 throughout my entire body (with the exception of migraines I understand some have with FM).

Stretching helps and exercise used to, so I got a new bike (one of those newer model trikes), but I'm finding it very hard to push the pedals for longer than a half block and have to constantly stop. I'm hoping this will get better with time (anyone know about this?).

Something very strange (nice and bad) happened to me. After undergoing chemo and radiation and being bedridden for 4 months from cancer about 3 years ago (and now I have lung- and leg-full of clots that I'm told will be lifetime), I would go from a resting pulse of 60, take 4 or 5 steps and it would rise to 120. Doctors had no clue as to why. But right after that for a period of a month or two, I had absolutely no pain! It was amazing to feel no pain. It slowly crept back up and now it is at a debilitating level throughout my body.

Do others feel FM throughout their body 24/7: muscles, joints, bones, nerves??? My lower back is the worse. Please help! TIA
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