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kadiki posted:
Does anyone else use zanaflex for FMS and sleep disoder? I don't know what I would do without it.
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glad2bhere65 responded:
Is that a muscle relaxant? I haven't heard of that before.
kadiki replied to glad2bhere65's response:
Yes it is. My GP wanted to get me off Soma. It worked great. It helps with muscle pain and at night a stronger dose will help you sleep better and make it more comfortable to sleep. It even hurts to sleep! I take the generic form but I can't ever remember the name.
jgbeaches responded:
Yes I take it, the key is to understand what dose works for you, I take 14 mg a day I cut the pill in half and take 2 mg in the morning 2 mg in the afternoon and sometimes I need one around 5ish and then I take 10 mg at bedtime, it helps me in falling asleep and getting slep granted I still only sleep for about 5 hrs but that is more than most and I feel more rested.
An_198664 responded:
I used to be on it, but it did nothing for me, but everyone is different in how they react to medication.

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