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I have had this problem for at least 2 years!!
sickandtired1258 posted:
This started at least 2 years ago with a very sore throat, which I still have with no explaintion of how or why??? 2010 I had surgery. Which I have been warfarin, since be on since clots in my lungs so they put me on warfarin I am still on it at lest until mid July!! Now Fell down 2 steps on to a hard tile floor. I went to the ER and had all of test and x-rays ( should be glowing ) from all of the tests i have had. LOL But the keep coming up with the same thing! Just saying go home and rest!! but i am getting cabin fever!! just going to the grocery store is tiring me out and i take the motor carts!! and i am only 48!!! I am just out of Dr's how can tell me anything so any suggestion your be great!! I have been to 3 different hospitals and i am getting the same generic answers!! Put the show on the other foot and iI'm sure that something would e done faster then I could blink and eye!!! S
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Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi and welcome here,

I encourage you to find a primary care provider and pursue answers with him/her. The ER is there to ensure your life is safe but not for looking into deeper answers.

The fatigue is common for those of us with FM but that doesn't mean there isn't something else going on too.
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