A thank you to Dr. P and my tip for flares
kdaleyrn posted:
Though I can't remember your jokes, I remember the laughter we shared. Humor was the best advice you gave me and I thank you.

My tip is to remember during those horrible flares, when symptoms are raging and no one gets it, this too shall pass. You will not die from this, no matter how much it feels like you will and it will eventually simmer down to where you can stand it. I think of it in terms of a pilgrimage.

I had a horrible winter, yet I pressed on by God's Grace with diet and excercise and heat and massage, etc. etc., and told myself that this was not the new me.
I was right this time.

I have learned over the years that this is a hard and much misunderstood disease. I try to educate when I can, but you have to know your audience. Sometimes it's better to be silent.
Anyway, dream on to the better days.
Hope this is helpful. I have been on this journey over 15 years.
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