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Going to the gym helps me sleep.
WendyBinOttawa posted:
I have had fibro for 8 yrs now. Before becoming sick I was going to the gym about 3 days a week. Well that stopped. Now, 8 yrs later I am back at the gym and have a workout that includes a stretch workout on the rowing machine, weight training, then a yoga class followed up with fast walking (since I can't jog) on the treadmill. I try to do this every second evening. On the evenings that I do this I sleep like a rock. And if I just can't do the full workout, I do a yoga class and 1/2 hour on the treadmill and I come home and sleep.I have found, 3 months into it, that I feel better than I have in 8 yrs. I had stopped all medication 2 yrs ago, relying only on cyclobenzaprine whenever I just couldn't take it anymore and needed a good night sleep. I haven't taken any in 2 months now. I thought this might be helpful if anyone is thinking of joining a gym.
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