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Bad Doctors
citygirl1967 posted:
Seems like everyone is having a bad time with doctors who discount our pain as just our fibro. They seem to think that we are just being babies about the pain. I however have a solution. FIRE them. They work for you.They are providing you with a service and if they fail to help you then fire them.Not only does it make you feel better to tell someone who is not listening to you nor helping you to take a hike but you are being active in your own care.If you were not a person who is able to do this then bring someone with you . And before you hire a new doctor interview them. Let them know that you are involved in your case.It is your body and your health.Anyone who disrespects you is not going to help you get well.You know how you feel and you know if something is wrong with you that is not your fibro.I have just fired a doctor who I never even seem because all He did was have me deal with his nurse practioner and he told me that their was nothing wrong with my back that it was my fibro and when I got my records I found out that according to my mri that there was huge problems with my whole back! Another thing always get your records and keep them with you.Because what they say in the records are alot different them what they say to you.Plus if they know that you get your records they will be more respectful. Right now am looking for a lawyer because I can't seem to get disablility . I have about ten things wrong with me but they say somehow I could get mental work.
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