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The Magic Bullet
juliepirro posted:
I have been using an ointment called Voltaren Gel 1% for well over a year now and the instant relief I get from it is unbelieveable. It used to require a prescription but now I think it OTC. All I do is apply it to the area that's the most painful. In my case it's my hips. As soon as I apply it, the pain is gone. Using it once a day has completely stopped my pain. Ask your rheumatologist about it.
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Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
I'm glad you found that this helps you so much. I know that others here have found it helpful as well.

Even though it is OTC for you now, do be sure to keep your doctor informed that you continue to use it and how much. Though a topical medication, it does go into your system and should be taken into account when considering your medications and condition.
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