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mjmosher posted:
Thank goodness I have found this community to share and talk about this challenging dissability. So many times, and looking back over the years, I found synpmtoms were/are all in my head. The stuttering or symptoms occur when I'm in that so called 'fibro fog'. I literally have to almost stop talking, take a second, and attempt to continue talking. Oh and the voice changing, gosh I thought I had an issolated symptom here. I find that when I trully get physically exausted, as in working a long and hard day, my voice kind of breaks, gets deepers and I sound as if I were getting symptoms of losing my voice as with a cold or flu. So, I guess we all are just dealing with symptoms and we are all learning daily new things, unfortunately not always the best of news. I am thankful for this site. Thanks for everyones input. I will keep on reading and you will definately see me posting in the future. Have a low-stressful day! :- )
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