, what has helped me keep my weight under control.with fibro
theorymae posted:
have fibro and i first thought i did not deserve a handicap parking card, but after i had my first hip replacement i asked my doctor for the ppaper to take to motor vehicle and i got it that day. no cost and i live inn Iowa, so don't know how other states do it. now i do not feel bad using it to park. i have days i can hardly walk and it helps me. this is not babying the pain. i still try to walk as much as i can each day so not to lose my muscle. i recommend water theraphy the best but we still need to walk some with weight bearing on our joints. i was a water excersice teacher and was certified by the arthritus foundation. had to take class and teach a class and take a test to get the certification. i worked at our local ymca for awhile. was a great way to stay in shape. now i try to do my own thing at a local motel in our town that charges us only two dollars to swim. monday thru friday eight to five. you might check to see if any of your motels will allow this. mine is an america inn. the other motels in town do not allow it. and it is pricey at the local ymca. but if you have humana insurance you can use the ymca for free , might check that out also. but even if you have to make ppayments to use the ymca, it is very good for fibro patients and all other rehab. good luck to all and God bless.
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