Stretching/ Keeping Your Mind Busy/Good For You
sexymamma12 posted:
I was diagnosed with Fibro this August of 2011 and I find that stretching every morning and night helps me feel a whole lot better. I will also get up early and do yoga on a tv show if I feel up to it. I am also a student so learning and studying keeps my mind off of my pain. I feel guilty if I complain or talk about it too much. Also I write poems and short articles. I just feel a whole lot better when I do these things. Also if you are really hurting and in pain put on a funny movie this sounds crazy but when I laugh non-stop I feel really good after. I just watched Due Date this past night and I laughed i laughed until I couldn't breath so well. Get this movie it is soooo funny or Hangover part 2. My advice is to love, laugh, and keep living life.
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annette030 responded:
Well said.

Can you record the Yoga on TV? Or, maybe buy your own DVDs?

I was already stretching when I did that with belly dancing classes called "Shimmy", then I could use them whenever I felt like it. Later, I bought DVDs with other instructors. I have been doing an hour or more a day for about 18 months now. Then I started doing weights too, as my body had gotten horribly out of shape.

Anything to distract me from hurting is a good thing. Funny movies is a great suggestion.

I like your attitude!!!

Take care, Annette
LincolnGal2 replied to annette030's response:
I too agree with some exercise. Before my diagnosis of FM, I worked out 7 days a week, but different body parts and also different types to keep it from getting boring. I have COPD so whatever I do is slow paced. I'm just getting over the worst downturn in my health with FM and my muscle get tired so easily now and almost feel like they have lost elasticity. I have not touched my light weights yet and the way my body feels, I better walk, stretch and isometric exercises until I can recondi-tion my old bod. I feel like a slug, but I'll keep trying!
annette030 replied to LincolnGal2's response:
I don't really have weights. I used canned food for awhile, now I use a thing-a-ma-jig that my husband uses to pound meat with. It weighs about five pounds. Mainly for my upper arms, yuck!!!

Start anywhere you feel like it and move along very slowly. Everyone is different.

Take care, Annette
TexasGeorgieGirl replied to LincolnGal2's response:
You are funny! A slug is so spot-on for how I feel sometimes! Laughing changes everything. I am really having Fibro Fog right now, but when I think of a funny move, I will post. Let's all post funny movie names and we can compile a list together.
Booch007 responded:
All I can say here is DISTRACTON is one of my strongest meds I use................Nancy B
Wolfsong452 replied to Booch007's response:
it's really hard sometimes to even want to try distractions,