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JaRaye posted:
I have irritable bowel with my fibro. My sister in law told me to try charcoal capsules from the health food store. I have found that the charcoal helps A LOT. I feel like it has helped tremendously with the "bathroom" days.

Stay stress and painfree today!
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Booch007 responded:
The good thing about charcaol is it is a natural thing and great for absorption of gas.....but it absorbs other things too.

We use it in med overdoses, so it WILL absorb any free floating med still in the bowel on time you will lose your med levels. Becareful.

Also the bowel can turn black and if you develop a bleed in the intestines you will not know (like using pepto bismol/turning the stool black and now Kaopectate as they have bismuth in them).

Obviosly if it is once and a while between meds and becareful with it.

I would use a simethicone prepartion if you want safe and effective help. Mylicon is one...there are a few.

Good luck, just be "eyes wide open" We are a complicated bunch of people. Not so easy to fix things...eyes wide open.
Take care, NancyB

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