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Full Body Itching No Rash - My Story
santina6519 posted:
I also had full body itching. I felt like I had rolled in fiberglass. I had no rashes, jaundice or other visible symptoms just itching. This was a head to toe itch; all day, all night. After about 2 weeks it got to the point where I could no longer sleep so I went to the Dr. After blood tests, ultra sound and CT scans it was found that I had a tumor on my pancreas. The tumor was pushing on my gall bladder which in turn caused an excess of bile to be produced. My body couldn't process all the bile which caused the itching. I'm only 34 and my Dr had not seen anything like this before. Get checked out and look at all the possibilities. If it happens to be pancreatic cancer like it was in my case catching it in the early stages is the most important thing.
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