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Night Time Leg Pain
Shuffler54 posted:
I have night leg pain in lower front right leg that is excruciating. It's been off and on for the past three years. . I have gone to the dr., had X-rays , and a CT scan. Found nothing! I, however, have Fibromyalgia for over 12 years. Leg pain flared up at holidays and hasn't gone away this time. I refuse to take pain meds because I have serious heart condition and take enough drugs already. Friend suggested I use a cane during the day to take some pressure off the leg. Worked like a charm. I go to bed pain free now. When I decide to not use the cane, I pay for it that night, unable to get to sleep sometimes for three to four hours, and that's using a heating pad! Not worth it. I don't mind the cane.
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