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1dazygal posted:
I haven't seen this posted so I'll tell my experience.

I've done tons of research on fibro and migraines. Before getting the fibro DX I used oxygen for migraine pain. It wasn't 100% every time but it helped.

There's a chiro in my town offering "NEW" fibro treatment. You guessed it oxygen. Since I already had oxygen at home I decided to try it, after getting the Drs info packet on how he uses it for treatment. He stated fibro patients and others in pain breathe shallow. I know I do. He treats his patients by having them breathe oxygen while they walk a treadmill.

I started a journal and in the morning I would breathe the oxygen for 3 mins at a setting of #2. I was very surprised. It took away the brain fog and gave me energy! I also have CFS so what a blessing. I used it on the treadmill and found I could walk longer and not fill ill. It's been a great help. Use search engines and you should be able to find articles on this program.

You can't just walk around breathing the oxygen or you'll get a major headache and fill sick. We're talking about people with normal oxygen blood levels.

It's really helped me wake up in the morning and go rt in to exercise. You would need to show your Dr the research because most states require a script. My ins also covers 80% . Just thought I would let you know
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