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Low-carb Eating
jd494life posted:
Sugar is definitely our enemy! I've found that low-carb eating (really no-starch eating) is a big help for energy, pain and weight loss. Read Gary Taubes book "Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It." It's a well-researched book by a scientific journalist, who shows how the carb-rich diet pushed on us by the government and nutritionists isn't supported by the research. Rather, a higher protein diet is better for our health, along with low-sugar carbs like vegetables and some fruits. At least the new food recommendations are better than the former Food Pyramid, with its base being bread, cereal, etc., but doing away with the starches altogether is even better for us.

Cookbooks and a website ( by Dana Carpender are also helpful. She's a person who's very sensitive to all carbs, even fruits. There are others who push a "paleo" diet, where meat and veggies are all they eat, but that's too hard for me to follow; don't like meat that much! Carpender's book "How I Gave Up My Low-fat Diet and Lost 40 pounds" is good because it reviews several versions of eating low-carb depending on how serious your sugar sensitivity is or how strict you want to be.

BTW, I recently changed fibro meds to gabapentin (Neurontin) and it's making a big difference in pain. Check with your doc to see if it's a possibility for you. Take care, all. jd
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