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relieve from fibro
fitzgift posted:
Go to and look for anti inflammatory I have been on this now fo 2 months and I haven't had hardly any flareups of the pain frfrom fibro or arthritis. It is amazing.
You take 3 capsules in the morning that is it . When I first started takeing it yes I had to take pain pills but over time I haven't had to take any during the day At night I may take one Tramadol that is it.
I encourage you to look at this website and the herbal formula. it is wonderful I am sos happy I found this website.
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booch007 responded:
Fitz, you know we are not inflammatory in nature, as maybe alot of your pain may have been the arthritis mixed in are in a good place right now?

Thank you for your success story, it is always good to hear someone feel good here!!

Hugs and thanks, Nancy B
fitzgift responded:
I wanted to give you a update. Whether it be fibro or arthritis today I was able to complete a mile walk for arthritis .This is a milestone for me Fitzgift
Littlefox77 replied to fitzgift's response:
Congrats!!! That is wonderful.
georgia888 responded:
Hi fitzgift,
I checked out the website. Are you taking the one labeled :Anti Inflammatory Support?" Are you supposed to take the 3 capsules all at once or perhaps 1-3x a day?

I, too, have osteoarthritis along with the lovely Fibro & I'm always willing to try something new, especially a natural supplement.

I hope you find lasting relief. Please answer my questions.

Thank you,
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Please be careful about, basically, prescribing a treatment to others here. It's fine to share something that is helpful to you but please do so without sounding like you're advertising or prescribing. And recognize that while something may be helpful to you, it may not be as helpful to others.

Having said that, I'm glad you found something that you feel has been helpful to you.
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell
fitzgift replied to georgia888's response:
Hi You are to take 3 all at once I too thought this was a lot but it works Hope you get the relief I have gotten fitzgift

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