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1234SRV posted:
I've been using magnesium and malic acid together. This works wonders in controlling the pain. Search the web on this!
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booch007 responded:
There is a product called Fibro malic that was recommended a while ago and it does help as one of the supplements for us.

Dr P has also taught us that Mg can be normal in the blood values yet intracellular Mg is low. is a must to be repleted.

Dr Oz stated that all should take 250mg. so I take 250mg twice a day. (one for the normal in me and one for the sick and depleted person I am) BIG help for me. It is a trial and error thing, if all the other minerals and ions in your body are in alignment you can feel better. IT is just so hard to accomplish this.

I take, Mg, Calcium, B Complex CoQ10 and fish oil as my supplements to my meds. It is part of the whole.

Oh if it were only as simple as a few things. You should always try if you can.

Thanks for sharing the malic acid again for the fmily to remember as an option in replacement.......

Nancy B