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Harleylady07 posted:
I take milk of madnesium made by Phillips.....helps a lot with side effect of constipation from the Savella 50 mg twice a day......tried going off of the savella could not tolerate the pain from my Fibro....I love it.....I am ealking two miles a day, since march 30 2012 and it is diffucult to this day to do it but I have lost 25 pounds and it helps with my pain.....hope this helps.....still have problems but exercising does help.
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dollbug responded:
Hello.....MiMi in NC...actually I take the Fibro Response or the Magnesium malate.....either one is good...and it also helps the fibro....I am glad you have found something that is helping you cope must be working for you since you have also been able to walk and lose weight too...

I know that gentle stretching and exercising also helps me too..remember also to drink plenty of water..

Take care and good luck...hope it continues to work.


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booch007 responded:
Good morning,

I don't think taking M.O.M all the time is a good thing. The bowel may get used to it, like taking exlax too much.

Can you try COLACE a stool softener (so commonly used in the hospitals for ALL patients.....and then there is PERI-Colace which has the stimulant for the bowel.

The cause here with the savella may be dehydration in the increasing natural fiber with Fibercon etc might be good and raw vegetables. Hydrating with fluids also.....

Congratualions on the weight loss and ablity to do the movements needed. THIS IS BIG.

I found little relief with the loss and I actually had an increase there for a bit (I just folded up better!) But glad I lost the weight. I need a kick in the butt to do it again now. IT IS TIME!
(have awedding in Aug)...Maybe today will start the good practices.....

Good luck and keep up the good work!.Nancy B
Anon_2912 responded:
My doctor put me on Miralex. I have been on it going on 4yrs. I take it every other day. I can say that I have not had ANY constipation issues in 4 yrs...

It was first mentioned to me by an ER doctor when I had to go in for being severly impacted...for the second time.

My regular PCP dr. put me on it & I have NEVER had issues again...
fitzgift responded:
I have found that Tai Chi for beginners is very helpful for constipation/diarrhea check it out

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