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cocobelle12 posted:
Just try not to eat it for a week, I went on a diet that cut out all salt I was amazed.
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jmorr responded:
Hi cocobelle 12
I was just reading some posts and saw yours and thought i would put my 2 cents in.....i have been a believer for my whole 53 years that salt is not such a good substance for the body...Everything has salt in it to some degree. and i notice that when i eat more salt then whats already in the food, i swell up.....Like one of my fav snacks is saltines with a slice of cheese on top...I dont eat very many as i pay for it the next day with the swelling.....So whether thats your experience or not, i just tend to not salt anything.....i use garlic salt which has more salt then id like, and the only thing i do salt is pork.....look at the labels next time you go to buy will notice that every single item you purchase has salt/sodium to some degree....its horrible....but anyways, that my say....have an awesome day

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