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Two Old Goats Lotion
Calicocat626626 posted:
Hi everyone! I am sorry that you are all here suffering with me! I just wanted to add my two cents in on what helped with my pain. My step dad found this lotion called Two Old Goats that says it is designed for those with FM so he bought a small bottle for me. ITS AWESOME!!! I just put about a pea sized amount on my fingers and spread it over my neck and shoulders (the worse spots) and about 15 mins later my muscles do not hurt as much. I want to emphasize that it does not completely remove the pain, but it does lessen it a great deal, especially during flare ups. It smells great and one of its natural ingredients helps my nerves calm down so my muscles can relax and not feel so bad. They do have a website selling this lotion but it can get a little pricey the bigger bottle you get. I would only get the "trial size" first as the lotion spreads really well and you can see if it will work for you. My step dad found the lotion in a wood working parts store (as it says it is also good for arthritis), so y'all could check there. Good luck everyone and I hope you all have a pain free day!!
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booch007 responded:
hey, thanks for sharing this. I have heard of UDDERS CREAM , used for cows on there udders and we offer it to chemotherapy patients for their peeling hands from meds...

But I had to laugh on the two old goats....(I know it is not for the animals perse') BUT...I love the marketing idea that someone came up woith to get an "Old Goat" t try it!

Probably a capsacian cream under another name? Good that it is just what you need. Thanks again for sharing it...


Nancy B

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