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Massage & water exercise
AJLynch posted:
As a medical massage therapist I see people with fibromyalgia often. It is my understanding that elevated levels of neurotransmitter Substance P causes increased sensitivity to touch and pain. Movement is vital but it hurts, so many recommend warm-water exercise and massage. these won't cure anything but often make it more bearable. The FDA recently approved Lyrica for Fibromyalgia. Everyone need to get proper diagnoses from a doctor. Hope this advice is helpful.
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crystalscats responded:
I tried warm water therapy. I loved it while in the water. My problem was getting out. My legs felt like they were surrounded by cement blocks when I tried to get out! They were so heavy. I also have R/A and know how important it is to move each day or I will get so stiff that movement is then almost impossible.

Tried Lyrica, it gave me double vision at times. I will have to research though the neurotransmitter Substance P. I have run across this before but I have since forgotten what the article said! lol So will research it again.
Wolfsong452 responded:
tried the massage, maybe my friend who's a massage therapist wasn't the right one for me. I've tried the hot stone, swedish etc. none worked.

I've tried steam rooms, suana, and the pool, sadly where I swim, the pool is to cool. so bummer!
mamaj_05 replied to Wolfsong452's response:
no it wasn't the massage therapist.....ppl like us that have fibro..shouldnt get a massage...they are painful...b/c of the touching and pushing and movement. oh so painful! and when I swim in a warm pool, i feel like i have cement blocks on my legs too....its weird. I wanna try lyrica, i took savella around 6 and I feel like my heart is racing out of my chest, i'm so short of breath, i'm sweating like crazy and shaking too. my mom said not to take it again and to call the dr immediately in the a.m.
BetteK responded:
I did hydrotherapy in the hospital pool for 10 years. Then I became sensitized to heat. The pool was no longer an option, I get disoriented when it's over 73 or so degrees in the house (or outside--there goes retirement in Arizona), and my showers are now much cooler.

They were great while they lasted, and these warm water exercises allowed me to continue working long enough to earn my teachers' retirement system disability. That meant a great deal, since I had been the family's major breadwinner.

If you have the option of warm water exercise, give it a try. You will find you can stand longer without low back pain, your knees and hips are not screaming at you, and the others in the pool with you are a great support group of people who understand pain.

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