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Lidocaine patches--before pain
BetteK posted:
I've found that if I apply my lidocaine patches before I do something that I really have to do, but know from experience is a flare causer, I can somethimes prevent a flare. I especially like to use them before a long car trip. They're also good if you get sick and know from experience that your cold (or whatever) will trigger a flare. My script is for 3 patches, and I cut two lengthwise to cover my spine and cut the third to fit any current hot spots. I truly believe this can prevent flares. Hope it works for you! I think this works by short-curcuiting the first twinges of pain before they magnify.
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dakotaspirit1957 responded:
I use to have the patches and have thought about seeing about maybe using them again... This is good info Thanks... I am glad that doing this prevents your flares... I hope others can find the same relief...


take care... Love Jan/Dakota
KathyRoark1972 responded:
I forgot about those. I am going to put one on right now maybe it will loosen up my shoulder. I will also remember to cut them and put them on my hot spots when I do house chores maybe that will help me actually to complete them. I keep it to one room a day that way I don't over do it and take breaks when I start to feel a lot of pain. Thank you maybe I might not have to take a whole day to clean just one room.


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