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Stay away from sulphur foods
ShoshiBerk posted:
Apparently people with fibro don't digest sulphur foods (brocolli, onions, garlic, cabbage etc.) well. It gives them pain.
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booch007 responded:
Well, I think anyone can have trouble with these babies!! MY DH for one....

He has diabetes and is now on a bean kick as the carbs are slow to the system and it has helped his blood sugars.....

PS: It is not helping our marriage!! :0.

I eat a green and mean diet and have no issue, but I was gluten intolerant to the extreme....and removing that with the lactose intolerance that goes with it.....NOMORE GAS.

Cured my IBS label as well, unless I contaminate and that is so easy if I dont read a label or make it myself.

Tough spot we are all in....they are the gaseous family though! NAncy B
booch007 replied to booch007's response:
I was just thinking after I posted, are you aware the bacteria in your bowels so much is the cause of gas......

When foods are not digested correctly and the residual is stuck in the colon and not passed through the walls and absorbed...the bacteria go to town with the new "buffet" given them. The process of them breaking down the food...results in a gas generation. Easily put...the bacteria "fart" and then YOU FART! Your gut bloats and your are uneasy and things move along a bit faster............

Methane is the byproduct of bacterial digestion, tainted with odors from the food of choice.....

(what a subject...) Dr OZ loves to talk of poop....and I had a physiatrist who said...we have to figure what is going wrong between your mouth and your ass. Malabsorption is the route of disease in lack of nutrients for the body. removed from under my feet........Hugs, Nancy B
KathyRoark1972 responded:
By reading what sulfur foods just realized that due to my Iron diffiecient anemia I was eating a lot of spinach salads and that is when the pain seemed to keep getting worse and worse unfortunately since I quit eating the salads the pain never went away but now I know not to eat it anymore. Thanks.

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