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HealthyD posted:
I"m still in the process of changing my diet, I've changed then get off of it for a couple hrs to a day or so. It's hard but getting better and the more educated I become the easier it is to change especially having fibromyalgia or lupus. l stick to natural any chemicals worsen the condition, I have found from Claritan, Zirtec, Bladder medication for bladder infections, cold medications, anitbiotics, antiviral, migraine medications I was prescribed before I was diagnosed with an autoimmune lupus/fibromyalgia made it so worse, without a doubt. Could be instantly to a few days later seeing worsened conditions as sight problems to increased allergies and flu symptoms:
Try reading this below, see link. Also the more you go without sleep the worse it gets! You have to sleep to help compensate. So try chammomile or other relaxing tea just before bed you have to try to rest I only take during flareups as keeping everything moderate to little is best. Never get addicted to any one thing. Keep it natural as possible and treating yourself is good but be careful. I crave coffee, chocolate, ice cream, fast food for my splurges--small splurges. Especially during stress but try only to have on my splurge days I choose.
And change your diet, please read: Also start reading your food labels google preservative listings both for foods and products. They are all chemicals your body cannot tolerate anything that's foreign to it and will think it's under attack even more so than it already acts. Reduce them as much as possible. It can take weeks to months depending on how long it's been since your body has seen goodness. Even natural or organic foods should be watched, they are not perfect either so my best advice is read, read, read and get educated. I ate a bag of GMO corn chips and was sick as could be so add GMO to your list as well. Unfortunately not everything is 100% labeled like we can understand it or stands out blatantly. Take care and God Bless You.
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