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FibroMomMom posted:
I, too, have Fibro and have been trying to cope with it since before it was diagnosed in 1990. I say 'cope' because I find I never get used to it and each day in ALWAYS different than the next! One caveat to that, though, is the pain -- the pain is a constant - it's ALWAYS there. I am sorry that you've been denied twice for disability; you must be diligent in looking for an attorney that does nothing but disability cases. They can legally only take a certain, small percentage of your pay once your ARE awarded your disability and hopefully is considered as retro pay as well from the time you were diagnosed and confirmed with FIBRO, along with all of the illnesses that are connected to this insidious syndrome. Best of luck to you Mortisha, and please never, ever, forget that you are never, ever alone. . . . . . . .
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