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Anon_501 posted:
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bette_kaffitz responded:
Whoever decided that the only doctors to treat us were rheumys? What about our family practicioners, the neuros, the pain management docs, the endrocrinologists, the chiropractors?

What we need most is someone who can understand that this is a disease, that it affects our lives on so many different levels and in so frighteningly many different ways.

Any provider who takes the time and shares with us as equal partners is a welcome provider. We might not have known our bodies before fibro, but we sure do now. We are the experts in what is real, what is now. Our doctors have to accept that we have this knowledge, that we are superbly in tune with our bodies due to our sensitized nervous systems. We can give the doctor the clues she/he needs. The doc can go from there.

missist replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
To be honest of all drs I've seen over the years the LEAST helpful were the 2 rheumys.. why? Fibromyalgia to them was not a serious issue. They may have been taught how to diagnose it and something about treating it--but I could tell from day one that they had no interest in it.
dollbug replied to missist's response:
Hello Mary....I so agree with you. I think most doctors just do NOT get it though. They DO NOT take us seriously since they have not have to face it each and every day. I think Dr. P is the only doctor who truly understands this and it is because he has to face it every day just like we do. It is sad that more doctors do not have the knowledge of how to help us FMers. I will say this that my doctor did NOT take me seriously until we have confrontation about the parathyroid. From that day forward he has changed how he tries to help me now. I do not like going to doctors in the first place and only go when there is a need. Perhaps this is not good on my part but it is how I have become, whether or not it is best.

I think all of us FMers need a good doctor though as it mays it so much better IF you have someone on your side.

Take care.


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