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the fibro itch
Anon_151629 posted:
so glad someone brought this up connecting it with fibro....guess I
should have myself,,,however, ice the itch better
than adding one more med to the pile we already take.
23 years diagnosed with fm, and was reluctant to put ice anywhere
close to my skin...go slowly and give it a try.
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debrabrooks1960 responded:
Dear Anon-151629,

I have noticed that if I lay on my cool sheets on the bed that my itching gets better. If I get hot and sweaty, that my itching will get worse and start to burn. So I think your suggestion could be worth trying. I am going to try the ice next time I itch. Thanks for suggesting it.

Debbie Lewis
Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.
missist replied to debrabrooks1960's response:
I get widespread all over itching, have also had unexplained hives and get hives on my face from cold exposure.

If I take cetrizine (zyrtec) at night, I have no side effects from it but it zaps the itch. I discovered this accidentally as I was taking it anyhow for allergies. Unfortunately though this seems to be something I have to keep taking as all the itch and rash returns along with a vertigo type thing I get--'car sickness' from my ears filling with fluid due to the allergies I have. If I don't take my cetrizine within a few week or a month I will begin to have those issues again.
Cetrizine is generic now--and you can get it OTC w/o an RX, I've been taking it since it was RX only, it is a bit spendy for OTC but the generic is cheaper pretty much always, even if you have coupon/sale for the zyrtec brand.

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