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Foods that may lessen Fibromyalgia symptoms
tremendousbrunette posted:
Hello Everyone, am not on the discussion boards much but wanted to share this with the community. After finishing the article concerning diet & Fibromyalgia, have a tip that was not covered. NIGHT SHADES, these are peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes. I discovered that these foods affected stiffness & pain levels associated with this condition. Just as is recommended on WebMD, I removed them from my diet, & after a period of consumption, I than re entered these foods to my diet after not eating them for a month. I experienced more intense pain effects after I began eating them again and when I would eat a variety of Night shades in a day by that night or by next morning I am in excruciating can not move pain.
I also experience the sensitivity to Gluten & Dairy, Preservatives, MSG, and dyes like Blue,Yellow or Red with any number after them; because of that, it requires me to read everything I eat, including vitamins or dietary supplements that may contain dyes or preservatives. If you are able, plant and grow your own herbs for supplements and use them to spice your cooking.
Such as cherry or rosemary, ginger, turmeric are anti inflammables as well as pain reducers. Some of them can be added in small amounts to hot tea.
I am not a doctor, just someone who has had Fibromyalgia 31 years now. These are merely suggestions that may help you with symptom relief, there are no studies to my knowledge that support the validity that modifying diet can relieve symptoms. However, with diet modification & stretching & mild exercise am able to lead a fairly normal life, though there is still the fatigue & insomnia am able to work and care for my self still, God Bless everyone.
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booch007 responded:
Thank you for the input. I too believe you are what you eat and it was an all green diet that changed me, as it is full of anti-oxidants. There is so much about the complex body we don't understand yet. Getting close though.

The genome project was BIG for everyone.

Well here is hoping this advice changes someone here for the better. Thanks again for the input.

Nancy B

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