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Fed up
julius48 posted:
I've been diagnosed for 4 years but had it for a nit longe. My arms are the worst and neck, I can't do my hair or wear a bra. And now I have had a migrane for 6 months is this normal? I'm going to neurologist on the 30th
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missist responded:
I don't think a migraine for 6 mos is normal. I hope your neurologist can help you. Headaches are so hard to deal with, just really suck all your energy.
francodm responded:

Please check out some of my recent posts and then research TMS (Tension Myositis Syndrome) - the doctor who discovered it found that Fibro is essentially a strong form of TMS, fortunately from which thousands of patients have found very significant lasting relief.

While the hallmark of TMS is long standing chronic pain of the neck/arms/shoulder/back, often times those who suffer from it experience migraines as well. If you can use the TMS techniques to eliminate your neck/arm pain (and this can be done without surgery, drugs or physical therapy), then the migraine pain should fall away in time as well.

Good luck and I wish you pain free days ahead!
bette_kaffitz responded:

I'm with Mary, no migrane should last for 6 months. I sincerely hope you mean that you've had migranes coming and going for the last 6 months.

You're not the only one of us who cannot wear a bra. Have you found some nice camisoles? Many of us here like the Cudl Duds. I always liked them, but lately I've been having trouble with any kind of trim (lace, embroidery, etc.) being just another irritant.

Please be sure to let your Neurologist know just how much this has impacted your life. Too often, we make the major effort to doll ourselves up when we go in for our appointments. Be clean and neat, but don't go all out with the makeup, heels, and other "I'm going out" type of effort. Be your normal self. This is especially true if you are in the middle of a flare up. (And, unfortunately, many of us overdue getting ready for the holidays resulting in post-Christmas flares.)

I used to make myself look good for the 100 mile trip in to see my neurologist. Then one day, I called to ask for an appointment during a major flare. I was clean and neat. I wore stretchy pants and a comfortable top. My hair was squeaky clean but unstyled. My face had no makeup. The doctor was stunned by the effect that a fibro flare had on me. I was his first patient of the day AND the last patient of the day. In between, I spent the day getting CT's, MRI's, and multiple blood and urine tests. I walked out of the hospital that day with prescriptions that broke the flare up and started me on the road to a better life.

I hope that YOUR neurologist can help you as much as mine did me. Sometimes we feel as if doctors don't believe we're really sick. Sometimes we're right. And then a caring, thorough doctor will take the time to find a way to really help. Mine told me that day, "Bette, I promise you will never be in this much pain from your fibromyalgia again." That was in 1990. So far, he's been right.

Hang in there. There is help.


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