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Topical Pain Relief
An_254674 posted:
I haven't been on here long, but after looking through some of the discussions between users, I thought I would share my side of things, and why I'm here.
I have a uncle who has battled with fibromyalgia for years and (recently) had given up just about all hope this his pain would ever be controllable or go away. That was until our family came together and discovered topical pain relief.
We discovered our now near and dear A&R Pharmacy (Located in Liberty, MO) and we sent them a few emails to learn a bit more about them. They told us about their individually customized topical pain gels, made specifically for each and every patient with the help of their symptoms, pain levels and their doctors. Needless to say, this was enough to get the ball rolling, and we told his doctor about this pursuing the route of treatment.
Having a fond likeness for my uncle, his doctor was fully on board to help him out and worked with A&R to get him started to see if it would work. A few days later, a package arrived at his door, and the rest is history.
He started using his gel whenever he felt the slightest bit of pain and, almost immediately, the pain would start to depreciate until it was gone. My uncle, who had struggles for years with pain and the side effects of pills was now pain free, doing the things he wanted to do. He wasn't missing work anymore and we now got to see him at EVERY family gathering instead of just the ones he felt well enough to make. He has his life back now, and it's all thinks to a few clicks of the mouse and talk with his doctor about A&R Pharmacy.
We will be forever grateful for this.
At the end of the day, despite not having it, I have watched the struggles of fibro and I want to help you. I want you all to know that pills are not your only resource and that there is hope to getting your life back. So, I urge you; please look these guys up. At the very least, click the link below and see for yourself. It could save your life.
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bette_kaffitz responded:
It sounds like your A & R pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy. Most prescription plans do work with compounding pharmacists.

Your uncle's gel sounds like it was just what he needed. This may be true for many of us here, too. I know that the arthritis-like pain I get in my knees, wrists, and fingers is much better when I use my Lidoderm gel. If I forget to use it at night, my pain is much worse in the morning.

Unfortunately, there is no ONE answer for all of us here. We all have different responses to the same medications. Many of us have had horrible side effects to EVERY medication we have tried.

For those who are interested, many doctors are willing to work with their patients and prescribe a gel. One benefit to topical treatments is that they bypass the stomach. This makes those awful queasy stomach side effects much less apt to come into play.

Thank you for the suggestion, An. Just be aware that even the best treatment isn't for everyone.

missist replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
I really appreciate this info as I am looking for better topicals to use for fibro and carpal tunnel and deg. disc. Thank you, I've contacted them for more info and hope this is something I can use. Mary

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