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Gluten Intolerance
nene51 posted:
Hey Guys,
All though I've had leg swelling most of my adult life, last year my whole body was swelling and i had pitting in the legs. i was scared. It took awhile to find a doctor who would listen, ending up being the best gyno doctor i ever had. She listened and then she tested me for Gluten, wheat and casien intolerence. Well guess what it was celiac disease, im severly allergic to gluten and allergicc to casien which are in dairy products. Got off the wheat first , no more swelling. i had anal itching for three years no one could tell me why, nothing there. Only link was menopause,only thing that helped was painfull steriod shots. nine months being off gluten free I decided to give up the cheese in four days the itching was gone. All that suffering for nothing. If you have swelling ask your dr for a blood test to check your gluten and wheat levels, both should not be over a 2. If this info. helps one person it's well worth putting it out there.
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booch007 responded:

I had problems for over 20 years, from when I married my Italian husband and the diet his family eats is gluten laden.

I would go home and be so sick. I didn't want his Mom to think I was strange so I continued to eat and be sick, but also the foods were so delicious! Ha! Then I was sick all the time as my body was just so out of wack.

Now down the line all these years and many fungal rectal rashes and vaginal overgrowths, diarrhea, fluid balance isssues, loss of elements from the bowel. I too was like you but I am non-celiac gluten intolerance. A barometer of sorts for those in the office with the same issues. In 20 minutes when gastric emptying occurs for me I will feel it is in the small bowel. Amazing.

You should be lactose intolerant as well as the next absorptive ring in the colon villi is milk. This will heal and get better in time. I am shocked you saw a GYN for this diagnoses. Glad you found her. I saw a naturopath. The diarrhea is the root of the fungal overgrowth in other areas.....what a mess at times.

I was always using something to get it better. Lived on probiotics and creams. Never thinking of the cause.....for the result...

I am so glad you are better. I miss none of it. The cramps, bathroom and even the rashes are of the past. Now if I get contaminated I do get a flare of excema on my is always something. It is hard to be perfect. If you are Celiac you must be perfect as you carry the risk of cancer in the bowel.

I hope you have found a good GI doc and get your scopes regularly.

I strongly believe it was a piece of my puzzle to get me here to FM/CMP. Hope you are feeling better.

Nancy B

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