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lidocaine infusion
An_198672 posted:

I had a lidocaine infusion in my spine for the pain for my fybromyalgia and arthritis in my spine. Unfortunately despite being told that this would change my lifestyle for the better, it only lasted 6 hours and should have lasted at least six weeks. I could not begin to tell you about the hope and high expectations I had for this only to have them dashed when it did not work. I don't know if anyone else has had this and had success I sincerely hope so as constant chronic pain can be so lowering.
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doodlesnana responded:

I to had the injections and I only felt good for about 6 days give or take, I have had the injections everywhere and at this point will never do it again.

Hope things get better

Soft Hugs

Gran39 responded:
I have had this infusions before. I have some issues with my spine and arthritis. The first injection doesn't help that much, but then when the second one,about a month later, is done I do get some relief. But my question is this, is this just masking pain so that we over do and end up in more pain?
Have a better tomorrow

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