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Savella and Lyrica
IRONHORSE61 posted:
First and probably only post.

I am a man. I've dealt with Fibro since I was 28 and I'm 55 now. I started out with no help at all and no understanding of what was wrong with me. For years. The medical details are boring and not worth repeating. I went through all of the standard anti-depressants and eventually ended up wiith a decent doctor and on Cymbalta. This made me a less depressed fibro patient. I moved to Lyrica with the Cymbalta about 2 years ago. This was a decent improvement. I slept better and over all felt better BUT gained weight and I did had some heart palpatations and higher blood pressure. I still had bad fibro days. Of note and probably no surprise, over the years I began self medicating on alcohol, and still do, so this probably contributed(s) to the issues. Three months ago I changed from Cymbalta to Savella. Lyrica and Savella are the hot ticket. I actually can control my fibro. I take the Savella morning and evening and take the Lyrica on an as needed basis which is usually twice a day when I feel our special fibro crap coming on:

Don't give in to this crap. I have never taken a day off because of my fibro and work a hard physical and mental job. Yes, my god I've had bad days.

Titrate any changes in meds over a minimum of a month, especially any change in anti depressants. The Savella has to be titrated!

Expect some rough side affects! Sleep is a problem with the Savella. I believe more a reaction to dropping the Cymbalta. I have more heart dis-rythmias and my blood pressure is elevated. These are serious concerns. Until I stop "self medicating" which is it's and my own problem, I'm not sure which is the worst issue yet.

Call this a tip. Fibro can now be controlled. The drugs have side affects. Titrate them slowly especially if changing one long term drug for another.

Those of us who seemed to have given in-don't. If you are just starting to deal with this crap, it isn't MS or Lou Gehrigs so don't get all knotted up after reading some peoples complaints. Find a decent doctor. You are still in charge.

Rubber side down even if it hurts sometimes!
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Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Ironhorse and welcome.

I'm glad you found a combination of medications which works for you. Please understand that Fibro affects everyone differently, as do the treatments for it.

I totally agree about the need to find a decent doctor and that we're in charge of our own health care.

(FYI, I've had it almost as long as you; turning 50 this year.)
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