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Fibromyalgia Comments
chefdawn posted:
I have had Fibromyalgia for quite a time now. I am taking B12, Vitamine D (50,000 iu) weekly and now monthly. They do seem to help and lower the length and frequency of the pain. Couldn't take Lyrica, had a bad reaction to it. People just don't understand all the symptoms that go along with the pain. Anxiety, brain fog, imbalance and isolation during the flare-ups. Hope you have good results with the B12 & Vitamine D.

This is tottal baffling!
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Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Chefdawn and welcome! :-)

I encourage you to start a new discussion to say hello to the board. You can do that by holding your cursor over the orange Post Now button on the upper right and choosing 'Discussion' from the drop down menu which appears.

But know that it can get quieter here on the weekends.

Hope you'll stick around and keep talking!
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