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Magnesium for Fibromyalgia
pixe5 posted:
The best remedy I have found for fibromyalgia is a magnesium/calcium supplement. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant and reserch indicates that it may be low in the muscle cells in people with fibromyalgia (even if it is normal levels in the bloodstream). This supplement has kept me off of pain pills and muscle relaxants. It is not a cure-all. I still have a great deal of stiffness, but I no longer have muscle spasms!

Tip: Use the powdered form, the hard tablets don't absorb as well.
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dollbug responded:
Hello Pixe....MiMi in NC....actually I take the magnesium and malate combination supplement....which is very very good for FM Omegas, Vitamin D supplement, Super B Complex and Calcium.....

But I take the powdered form that I know of...

I am glad that you have found something to help....

Take care and good luck....

haileyms responded:
hi! I hope you don't mind me making a suggestion, magnesium does help, but I found coral calcium with 72 traces of minerals--it also has magnesium-- help by far the best. Walmart even sells it. I have to make sure I don't run out of it, because I have before, and how quickly I was reminded of the horrible pain I used to be in! before using coral calcium, by the end of the day once I sat down I litteraly could not walk. I have been on coral calcium for over a year now, and it still helps me, where as most things would seem to work for a bit and then stop helping.So far it still helps tremendously, and I can still work (standing in one spot) 8-10hrs. a day, 6 days a week, come home cook, clean, and deal with 3 young boys. I hope this will help and have a wonderfull day
imirish2 replied to haileyms's response:
does it come in tablet form and if so how many do you take a day?
imirish2 responded:
Hi Pixe,
I do magnesium/cal/zinc combo.
Mag. also helps w/IBS.
How many mg do you take of the mag/cal?
Tany84 replied to imirish2's response:
Hi Everyone!

The Magnesium is actually MUCH more effective as a muscle relaxer if taken seperate from calcium. Cal. contracts muscle so it kinda counteracts the mag to some degree. Also, for it to work well it needs to be Magnesium Malate. This form has Malic acid in it and that is what make the muscles relax. I have found taking my Mag. Malate at bedtime seperate from any calcium.
BrookeL23 responded:
Pixe5 is right. My massage therapist recommended calcium magnesium supplements and they really help my RLS and the all over uncomfotable feeling. They also help me relax and sleep.

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