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Sleep aids for Fibromyalgia
Harveylover posted:
I was diagnosed with FM over five years ago, and at that time my Dr. prescribed Trazodone to help me sleep. It is an antidepressent, but as we all know, in low doses it acts differently. I take 50 mg before I go to bed, and I sleep very well. At times I have upped the dose to 75 mg, but try to stay at 50. It is cheap, and has no side effects that are bothersome, since you go to sleep right after you take it. I was told it is not habit-forming, but I do notice if I forget to take it. I have rarely had sleep issues with my FM, and I believe it's the Trazodone that makes the difference. I go to sleep easily even when in pain, and sleep 8 hours a night. I should mention that my FM symtoms are not as bad as many people have.
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1wareaglefan responded:
I can also testify to the fact that trazodone is a great sleep aid. I took it for years, stopped it, and have recently tried to take it again. However, I'm extremely sensitive to meds, and mixed with a second antidepressant I take, it started making me feel weird.

I hate that, though, because it sure gave me a great night's sleep!
ddandelion responded:
I have had a problem sleeping at night since I have had fibromyalgia and was unable to work because of the pain and being so tired all the time. I have been on 120mg Cymbalta and 50 mg Trazadone for about 3 years now and it has been a life saver. I am now working full time. Im able to get a good night sleep and the pain is reduced. I still have limited energy but I can get through a whole week at work without calling off. This combination has worked miracles for me.
fitzgift replied to 1wareaglefan's response:
Try taking magnesium 250 mg.,calcium, potassium99mg I believe it is and if you over 60 melotinon i month only on the melotonin This mag,cal,potassium will work Ive been on it for along time without any meds. fitzgift

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