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daddymacs1gc posted:
have been using turmeric straight off the supplement shelf at walmart- $7.00 for 90 capsules...i take 2 every night, and with my melatonin, I sleep like a baby...and i don't hurt unless someone pokes me in a tender
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cmhollins responded:
thanks!!! I actually bought turmeric at W-M weeks ago....didn't try it as I was trying neurontin at the time. (off it, as with all other "fibro" drugs due to BAD side effects.) Will take 2 tonite. Look forward to reporting that it helps with the pain!!
Love you folks that care enough to log in here! Peace.
NeNe_11 replied to cmhollins's response:
I tried to take turmeric but it left a terrible burning pain in my chest!! Good luck, I hope you can tolerate it & it helps.

fitzgift responded:
Hi Daddymacs1gc I take 1 in the morning but I think I'll try it at night I have trouble sleeping so maybe this will help me . I also take naturel products. I take 5HTP and St John's wart they are suppose to help and I think they do except when I have a bad flare then the Dr. gave me Norco. fitzgift
JBirdFletcher replied to fitzgift's response:
Hello everyone. Here is a little info on Tumeric. Tumeric can be taken in powder form 1 tsp in 8 oz. of milk. Tumeric is a sciliac(sp) like asprin. It thins the blood so if you have GI problems or a reaction to asprin products you might want o avoid it. Remember to speak with your doctor before starting anything new be it an OVC or herbal product. Also purchasing the powder from an Asian market is typically cheaper I get 6oz for something like $1.69. Hope that helps.
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