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Do not use your real name or your discussions can be googled
jacksgramma posted:
Hi Fmily,

Earlier Today, I went to print out the Sucralose/burning tongue article that I had found online, to bring to my Rheumy for my appointment. What I found was my WebMD discussion instead. I clicked on it and it brought me directly to the original post and all the replies. I had been signing my real name at the end of most all of my posts.

After seeing that on google I will stick to my screen name from now on. I can't believe how dangerous the internet can be, even on our beloved WebMD site.

~hugs to all
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mrahoe responded:

yea i hear ya on that . . just look at all the stuff people put up about there small children that some future employer will have access to. . . its just crazy . . even if you erase things its gonna show up somewhere on here...

and for the wirld wide wed , , , for future refrence . . . yup it was me who just farted. . thank you and good night. .

the nut from the north
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Yes, any time you put something on a site that is open to the public, as is the case here at WebMD, it is searchable.

So that's why it's a good idea to protect your identity (with our help; we do remove posts which share phone numbers and snail mail addresses, for example).
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