Overextending shoulder joint
Deputy87 posted:
I'm having some shoulder discomfort. It starts on the top of my shoulder and runs down to the top of my bicep. This past fall I wanted to increase my bench press. I spent about five weeks only doing Bench Press on chest day. My strength increased weekly and I was able to achieve a personal best single rep. I was pretty impressed considering I'm 41; however I felt my shoulders were getting a little beat up-so I started lifting lighter weights and doing other exercises. Well, my shoulders were still feeling a little beat up so I recently posted regarding push-ups-a post Rich responded too. The reason for the post was to find a chest routine that did not involve lifting weights. I figured it would be better to do body weight training for chest. I don't feel any discomfort when I train other upper body exercises-- The discomfort is only on one side. I'm not walking around in pain. I can lift my shoulder over my head and from side to side. I think my presses or push-up maybe a little too deep and I am over extending the joint?? I let the bar touch my chest when i do bench and i let my chest touch the ground when I do push-ups. Where is the discomfort coming from?
R_Weil responded:
Shoulders are complex joints and there can be many reasons for joint pain. Anything from rotator cuff to labrum tears. I suggest not working through pain, and since it?s been going on for a while and affecting your workouts I suggest you see a doctor. Good luck with it.