Broken Coccyx
Mystiq3 posted:
I slipped and fell and fractured my coccyx two months ago. It's been extremely painful but it's getting better. I do realize that it might take a while to heal but I am not a patient person. I would like to know if there are any exercises that I can do to help my body handle this situation better. One of the biggest problems I have at the moment is that I can't seem to keep my body up straight for longer periods of time and when I do it's sooooo sore!! I was thinking more in the way of having exercises to do in order to strengthen my stomach muscles and keeping my body up straight with my stomach instead of with my back. I think that might take some strain of my coccyx while allowing me to be more active. I do have a gym close to me where I can find the right equipment to exercise. Any advice please? Kind regards Mystiq
unknown responded:
I've hurt my coccyx before, and what I did was just to experiment with the machines and equipment: I would try it and if it hurt, I would stop. I found I could use a lot of the upper body strength training machines e.g. lat pulldown, chest press, shoulder press etc. If it hurts while standing, you could do bicep curls and other moves while sitting down. I could even do leg curls, but not leg press. I also found my Swiss ball to be very useful then. If you balance your upper back on it, so that you don't press at all on you coccyx with the ball, you can also do a few exercises with dumbbells, or crunches. Or I would lie on my back on a mat, with my feet on the ball, and roll the ball in and out with my feet (good for the hamstrings). For cardio I could fortunately use the elliptical (one leans forward and presses on the handles, which takes the pressure off the coccyx). Maybe you can walk by now? Good luck; full recovery will eventually happen!