Intermittent burning foot pain
ponygirlmom posted:
Due to a shoulder injury that has forced me to stop my main form of exercise (horseback riding) I have increased the amount of walking I do. I have been walking at a fast pace for 30 - 45 minutes per day. Some of this walking replaces walking I would do around the stables, but at the stables I don't walk as quickly, and I'm walking on dirt rather than asphalt. This evening, several hours after I went walking, I have been getting intermittent sharp, burning pain in my right bottom foot, toward the inside, in the arch area close to my heel. This happens whether I am standing or sitting. It feels like someone has touched a nerve. I have been wearing my fitness shoes (Avia) most of the day, and I am wearing them now. What is causing this? Is this an overuse injury? Is this something I should ice?
R_Weil responded:
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