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eleptical or cardio to loose weight?
genarosca57 posted:
I have a herniated disk with no pain and im trying to loose weight and i would like to know which one is more effective in meeting my goals without bothering my low back. I can jog at 3.5mph on a treadmill for a long time and i can also do elleptical machine for a long time and both dont bother me, I just want to make sure which one is more effective for me loosing weight and results.
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
The most effective exercise for losing weight is what my mother's doctor calls "pushing away from the table" -that is reducing portion sizes, eating mindfully and making healthy choices.
britkaus responded:
I've been jogging 4.5- 5 on a tredmil an hour about every other day for a couple months now and have lost more wieght then when i was stair stepping using an ellipticall. ive gained more muscle and tone in my legs using a tredmil.
genarosca57 replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
Ok but my question still not answered.

Which one is more effective in loosing weight for a person with a non painful herniated disc, a elleptical machine or treadmill? I can do great both on great machines but i want to know which will help me loose weight and effective for cardio and yes im doing dieting too.
Rich Weil, MEd, CDE replied to genarosca57's response:
They will burn similar calories, at least similar enough that it won't matter which one you pick in terms of weight loss. In terms of fitness bioth are excellent too. What would be more important is which one you'll do more regularly (or affect your back if that ever becomes a problem). Of course, it doesn't have to be one or the other and you might even want to alternate for variety. You can go here to estimate how many calories you burn on lots of different exercises.
pallzy replied to Rich Weil, MEd, CDE's response:
I haven't been able to find the elliptical on the fitness calorie counter. Is it hiding in there somewhere?
5'11 SW 275/GW 160/CW 164
An_198447 responded:
I believe the difference between the two exercises is negible and to ask which one is more effective is not really a great question. I think the best way is to do both and mix it up or do the exercise that you enjoy more.
An_198448 responded:
Jogging hurts my back . I would say go with the elleptical.
ysx6bc replied to An_198448's response:
I would suggest ensuring you have a good pair of running shoes to support jogging or eleptical. When I started jogging as soon as I had the right pair of shoes it made a world of difference. I prefer running, I started at 4.2 on the treadmill and now up to 5.9. plus running outside. I do 4 miles a day it has transformed my body was a size 16 now a size 4.
An_198449 responded:
I am not a runner but I do walk briskly, several miles a day, as well as using the elliptical for at least 1/2 an hour. Most days I add some weight training, too. For me, I find that I have better weight loss when I do both walking and the elliptical. If I only have time for one, I choose the elliptical and add more time. If the computers on the elliptical and tread (though I usually walk outside) can be trusted, the elliptical burns more calories.
conniesgirl1 replied to genarosca57's response:
I'm no expert on a herniated disc--but I do work out.I was getting leg pain on the treadmill--so the pt recommended the eliptical.I also do several other pieces of equipment at the same work out.Ask a personal trainer to show you which equipment is best for your back.With regularity and variety,and the fact that you're dieting,you'll lose weight with any of it!Good luck!
fasteddiesgirl responded:
I needed to lose weight and exercise but arthritis in my knees and hips kept me on the couch. I was taking a Celebrex and then found out I had pulmonary fibrosis. THEN I decided I had to do something drastic. I was taken off Celebrex but started doing the elleptical at the gym. It's been 6 weeks now, I have NO knee pain and NO hip pain. I exercise 5 days a week and am up to 45 minutes. I also joined Weight Watchers and have lost a total of 16 lbs. I can breathe better, move better and generally feel 100%. I still have about 35 more lbs. to lose but plan to stay on the elleptical. Tread mill is too much pounding on joints. Good luck!

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