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Foley Catheter
An_198510 posted:
Hi, I have a foley catheter in me for six weeks due to a bladder blockage/irriation. I am wondering how much exercise I can or should do in the meantime. My primary Uroligist said anything I feel comfortable doing, short of horseback riding is fine. Another URO (I got a second opinion on a bladder infection since I was given the wrong catheter care book initially and got an infection) told me to do nothing, else I risk popping the catheter. So, I am curious, how much exercise can I do. I am, or was, a weight lifter and would like to try staying in reasonable shape, yet don't want to risk breakage - so how much can I do. Lift only at say 50%, 75% or zero and leave it alone for six weeks ? Thanks !
nursingbug responded:
That is an interesting question. You know a basic catheter only has a balloon of liquid in it to keep it in the bladder? I cannot see why exercise would 'pop' the catheter. (Even weight lifting) If you have a bladder irrigation still running though that may change things. I am a nurse and have had confused patients pull out their catheter intact! They can take a lot of abuse. However I would not advise you to exercise without getting clarification from the doctor who told you not to. There must have been a reason he told you not to.
Rich Weil, MEd, CDE responded:
Hi Anon,
I don't know the answer to this. Check out the Sports Medicine Community at

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