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knee pain...again help?
ecjp24 posted:
I've tried the symptom checker but nothing seems to help, i thought other athletes or excercise fanatics (just kidding) could help. I exercise quite frequenty, am on multiple varsity teams, and am 16. Recently i noticed knee pain when i crossed my legs, which i do alot. since then it has become stiffness, pain when moving, and extreme pain when moving my lower leg from side to side from the knee. there is SLIGHT swelling...but does anyone have any suggestions?? I've had foot and ankle issues before...
justmejust responded:
Well, hopefully you cut back on crossing your legs since it hurts when you do that. Try to sit with your feet flat on the floor.

Also, rest, ice and elevation for 5 to 10 min. every day up to 3x a day can reduce some of that swelling and encourage healing. Be sure to elevate your foot, knee, leg above your heart with the help of 2 or 3 pillows under your lower leg.
Rich Weil, MEd, CDE responded:
Hi ecjp,

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