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Strained pelvic area?
Lauren040508 posted:
I know this sounds weird, but when I was doing a yoga pose where you place the ball in between your legs, while you are laying on your back, you squeeze your legs. This is suppose to help tone the inner thighs. Something popped right at the genital/pelvic area line. I did not even think there were muscles or anything there. Since then I have not been able to do any exercises that require me to pull in with my legs. So what did I do and what can I do?
Want_to_be_PT responded:
There are alot of muscle insertions in that area and yes there are tendons that attach right in the area you are describing. They are called "adductor" muscles and there are three of them.

The fact that it "popped" concerns me because popping is a definite warning sign. You could have torn a tendon and the fact that you can no longer do exercises in comfort is another warning sign. It would be good for you to get checked out. When you hear about people pulling a groin muscle, this is the area they are talking about. If untreated it can become a nagging injury.

Try not to do any more than you have to with that leg, and if you feel pain you should ice. Kind of a weird place to ice but you can figure out something
R_Weil responded:
You ought to see your doctor. You might have strained or even torn a muscle. Go ahead and see your doctor.
slakars replied to Want_to_be_PT's response:
I exercised and strained my adductor muscle (female) on the right side. That was a month ago. It is so painful I can hardly walk. Are there any more treatment besides R.I.C.E. ?
AN MRI IS TOO COSTLY And I don't know when it will get better. My doctor gave me a x-ray and pain pills. the x-ray shows nothing. Does it ever get healed???? At times I can't stand the pain and if I life up my leg it's impossible the pain is very very severe (like a knife)

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